Moving Displays and Test Track set to excite

There’s no better way to witness the full potential of a product than by seeing it in action.

Visitors to the inaugural Roads & Civil Works Expo will certainly see some exciting things first-hand in 2016.

The Expo, run in conjunction with the International Truck, Trailer & Equipment Show 2016 (ITTES2016) and Waste Management in Action, is providing some unique opportunities for organisations and individuals at all levels across the roads and civil construction sector, including the chance to showcase and see products, vehicles and technology in action.

The show incorporates a unique Moving Displays area and a live Test Track where companies can promote their latest fare and product range. Not only can exhibitors showcase the capabilities of their products, visitors will also see exactly first-hand how they operate.

“Think of it as a product catalogue, but live, moving and in real-life,” said Show Director Simon Coburn.

“Exhibitors can showcase the capabilities of their products in the best possible way, and visitors are going to see those capabilities for themselves,” he added.

Much like European trade shows, the Expo will offer exhibitors the opportunity to display their vehicles and machinery live, allowing exhibitors to take their exhibition participation to the next level and attract potential buyers through demonstrations.

“Both the Moving Displays area and live Test Track certainly provide some unique opportunities, and you’ll be hard stretched to find both in any other show like this in Australia,” said Coburn.