AustStab joins 2016 Roads & Civil Works Expo

AustStab, Australia’s dedicated pavement recycling and stabilisation industry association, has joined the inaugural 2016 Roads & Civil Works Expo in May as an Association Partner.

The organisation is one of many peak industry bodies and companies that is making the most of the opportunities the Expo has to offer.

“We have three pillars that symbolise everything we do in Australia – collaboration, narration and education,”explains AustStab Chief Executive Officer Leah Fisher. “We believe that the Roads & Civil Works Expoopportunity provides us with the chance to work on each of these association fundamentals.”

The combination of the Roads & Civil Works Expo, Waste Management in Action and the International Truck, Trailer & Equipment show into one event is one major factor that will play to the Association’s strengths.

Ms. Fisher anticipates that the combination of the three shows will draw in local government and contractors who are seeking not just the best equipment for the job, but further education and information about best industry practice when it comes to stabilisation. “AustStab is well placed to support the waste industry because were basically one of the better recyclers of construction material in the industry,” she says

Since AustStab started in 1995, Victoria has been a focal point for its activities and member base. Ms. Fisher asserts that exhibiting at the Expo will help the Association reach a wide range of individuals across multiple industry sectors.

AustStab is taking advantage of the opportunities presented at the Roads & Civil Works Expo by emphasising its three key pillars in both theory and practice.

The association, in collaboration with its members, is bringing a stabiliser machine to the Expo to pique interest and show exactly how stabilisation works. “A picture paints a thousand words. To be able to see the stabiliser up close helps those in the industry and outside it to better understand what we do,” says Ms. Fisher.

The machinery will give Expo attendees insight into how these impressive units undertake vital road stabilisation work. AustStab members will also be on-hand to further educate and inform visitors.

“It really helps to show people face-to-face the strong benefits of stabilisation,” she adds. “It is the type of equipment for used by accredited contractors and we’re using it to help show best industry practice.”

Cement Australia has provided AustStab with sample sets of binders, which the Association will display along with the stabiliser.

The 2015 AustStab Pavement Recycling and Stabilisation Guide, released last year, will also be available at AustStab’s stand at the Expo. The guide, a popular tool for engineers on the topics of construction and design stabilisation, is used as a text source in the Centre for Pavement Engineering Education short course on in-situ stabilisation.

A mix of AustStab members will represent the Association at the show. Individuals from contracting, binder suppliers, plant suppliers  and technical engineering backgrounds will be present to help answer questions and provide insight into stabilisation from both a technical and practical viewpoint.

“The AustStab members are excited about it. They see it as an opportunity to engage one on one with people who are interested about stabilisation,” she says.

“As an organisation, we are always open to people who are interested in producing industry best practice. People who are already in the industry and people who are aren’t aware of the stabilisation sector of the industry can come and gain greater insight into what we do.”